Energy Infused Design To Align With Your Brand Identity

Design isn’t just about making something that just looks good, but bringing clarity to your “why.”
The reason you do what you do.

The Design Muse is here to help you clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and why. Through empowered energy healing, and raising your business’s vibration to attract your ideal clients, and make it clear you are the right one for them.  



Through energy work and design, The Design Muse helps you communicate YOU, with the right foundation, and balance for you to reach your highest potential.

You will work with Marissa Renee (aka The Design Muse herself) through a systematic creative process that allows her to share her healing gifts, and invite positivity and abundance into your life and business. Resulting in an authentic and effective brand identity and up-leveling transformation.

your intuition is saying “yes!” … you feel the alignment!