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{LEFT CARD - solar plexus Chakra}

This isn't who I am 

If you are unhappy in your relationships, you may be relating to others through false sense of duty. Give up being something you're not and reclaim your life.   

Questions to ask yourself: 

What have I done to heal my childhood pain?

Key Ideas: 

Disassociating from yourself; reclaiming your life; healing childhood pain


Recovery, Integration, Play



{MIDDLE CARD - Crown Chakra}

They Won't Use Me 

You don't have to be "on the inside tract". Be true to yourself and you will not be unhappy. Rejection is Spirit's protection.  

Questions to ask yourself: 

Am I working with or against by environment?
What is the purpose of my present solitude?

Key Ideas: 

Other's approval; unsupportive environment; working alone; arrival of a teacher 


Protection, Exclusion, Development 



{RIGHT CARD - Root Chakra}

I am more then I think I am  

 If you are presently upset of struggling with a difficult situation, you may be seeking to keep something that is far less than what you deserve. The healing of predetermined agreements must be addressed. Awareness is healing. 

Questions to ask yourself: 

Am I trying to recapture a past that no loner fits?
Am I happy in this situation?
How is it benefiting me?

Key Ideas: 

Leaving the past behind; a readiness for a new adventure; a willingness to venture into uncharted territory; a new level of self-care


Uplift, Journey, Commitment