Spiral Up Elite

one-on-one coaching for
the determined modern female soul



Soul Sister, 

Your authentic self, has a message for you... 

You know you are meant to do big things.

Being lost and out of control are not your destiny. 

You can clear out the toxins that keep you from success and wellbeing in business, in life, in body, mind, and spirit.

You do not need to feel complacent, fatigued and far from your dreams anymore. 

deep inside you know You are ready to...

Awaken your inner warrior.

Liberate yourself from what’s stopping you.

Align with your calling.

Live the fulfilling life you deserve. 

Feel empowered, passionate and aligned with your purpose. 

Behind every desire there is a feeling and your feelings will lead you to your soul!


You need desire to be fully alive & You need vision to fulfill your desires. 

Program Overview 

6 Sessions (60-75 mins) 

(One session every other week)

"Focus on your core desires to align you with your passion and purpose"


Essential Oil & Crystal Guide

Chakra Alignment 

3 Distance Reiki Treatments

Guided Meditations

Email Support Between Sessions (Mon-Fri) 


One Time Payment:



3 Monthly Payments