60 Minute Reiki Session -  $75

Providing you with healing that is customized to your needs. To clear and align your body and energetic fields for peace and harmony. Rebalancing your body's energy to create many beneficial effects that include relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, and recovery. 


90 Minute Reiki Session w/ Aromatherapy + Crystal Therapy
 - $125 

During this 90-minute Reiki session we will channel spirit for any guidance that will aid to help you on your healing journey. Intuitively guided, we will work with crystals, essential oils and chakra oracle cards to enhance your treatment. By rebalancing your body's energy, cleaning and aligning your energetic fields will leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed. 


30 Minute Reiki Treatment - $45

This treatment is perfect for those recovering from surgery, or in physical therapy as localized treatment and pain relief is provided to one or two areas of the body.



Crystal Therapy - $10 

Add Crystal Therapy to enhance your Reiki session. Crystals naturally posses additional healing properties that work in conjunction with energy work. Crystal Therapy is safe, effective and has zero side effects. 


Aromatherapy - $10 

Add Aromatherapy to enhance your Reiki session. Reiki and Essential Oils work together perfectly to enhance the mind, body and spirit. When Reiki is used with essential oils related to the seven major chakras, together they create a powerful union and direct energy to where it is most needed.


Reiki with Guided Meditation - $20 

Add Guided Meditation to your Reiki session to help you relax. Providing a mindfulness meditation during your Reiki session to aid in balancing and cleaning your chakras.


Chakra Oracle Card Reading - $20

Add a Chakra Oracle Card reading to your session. Receive guidance and answers from your spirit guides. 




2 pk - 60 Minute Reiki Sessions


* SAVE $15 *


2 pk - 60 Minute Reiki Sessions w/ Crystal Therapy


* SAVE $20 * 


2 pk - 90 Minute Reiki Sessions w/ Aromatherapy + Crystal Therapy


* SAVE $25 *


4 pk - 60 Minute Reiki Sessions


* SAVE $30 *



Reiki is administered by laying-on-hands. The Practitioners' hands are placed at various locations around your head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Reiki energy will flow to those areas allowing muscles to relax and blood flow to increase, thus quickening the healing process. This ancient Japanese technique has been proven to help with stress, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, sprains and various other health conditions while working in conjunction with medical and therapeutic techniques. Reiki can help those undergoing chemotherapy and promote healing and recovery after surgery. 

As empath and intuitive healers we are able to provide you with healing that is customized specifically to your needs. Helping you strengthen your body's own healing ability. Our goal is to aid in your healing of the mind, body and spirit. Your treatment plan can range from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.