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Spiral Up Elite


Your authentic self, has a message for you... 

You know you are meant to do big things.

Being lost and out of control are not your destiny. 

You can clear out the toxins that keep you from success and wellbeing in business, in life, in body, mind, and spirit.

You do not need to feel complacent, fatigued and far from your dreams anymore. 

deep inside you know You are ready to...

Awaken your inner warrior.

Liberate yourself from what’s stopping you.

Align with your calling.

Live the fulfilling life you deserve. 

Feel empowered, passionate and aligned with your purpose. 

Behind every desire there is a feeling and your feelings will lead you to your soul!

Spiral Up Elite is a Sixteen (16) Week One-on-One Program which helps connect you to your personal energy field while giving you fast energy shifts and a lasting meaningful affect on your life and business. Chakras hold the key to inviting a positive flow of energy, removing past life traumas, building lasting relationships, break through financial blockages, awaken creativity and reaching your goals on a powerful energetic level to align you with your dream life and business.

Have you ever felt lost or disconnected to your life and true self?

This 16 week program will help you answer questions on a spiritual level and provide you effective information on how you can unlock the incredible life you were meant to live, and build your small business from the ground up.

What will you master in this program?


 How to:

  • Read your own chakras and find out what is keeping you back from creating the life you were meant to lead

  • Clear energy blocks, buried emotions, past traumas and invite balance into your life

  • Awaken your inner soul and align yourself with your purpose and passion

  • Identify your dreams (dream life and dream job/business) and turn them into reality

  • Use essential oils and crystals to balance your chakras

  • Create a positive mindset to break through financial blockages, remove self-doubt and welcome abundance, and confidence

  • De-clutter your energetic field and living, and business environment to manifest positive energy

  • Build the ultimate business of your dreams

  • Create and execute your business brand to connect with your ideal clients




Over a year ago I woke up one morning looked in the mirror and didn’t see a person I recognized anymore.  I saw a woman who was gray, tired and completely burnt out. A woman who forgot how to smile, laugh and love. A woman who lost her identity in the whirlwind called life. Where there once was a vibrant light there was paralyzed feeling of overwhelm. I thought to myself how did I become this person?

 I knew I needed to find myself again...  needed to find my purpose, my passion and awaken the stirring feelings deep inside of me to be alive. I owed it to myself, to my kids and to my husband to be the best version of myself.


Before my spiritual awakening and balancing my chakras I was self-sabotaging myself from my greatest desires.  I didn’t give myself enough credit for how far I’ve come in my life and my accomplishments. I quickly grew bored with my latest business endeavors, giving up over and over again. I held myself back from my happiness. I was scared of what was on the other side of fear.

I was stuck bouncing around from different 9-5 jobs because I never felt fulfilled. I honestly didn’t think there was a true calling out there for me. I would dabble in different careers; event planning, design, corporate sales, retail, the restaurant industry and then radio advertising. At the end of the day it was all just not for me. I thought to myself I’m a gypsy in my career... will I ever find the purpose and passion I was meant for?

I was the poster girl of anxiety. I was super depressed and was angry that this was my life.  My self-doubt, lack of confidence and authentic voice led me to not seeking action in my own life.


I left my job with confidence, focused on my happiness and my family. I removed energy blocks holding me back from living the life I deserved and built an empire, where I see results everyday.  I work with the most amazing women and built a tribe I am beyond proud of all because of spiritual alignment!

Copy of Copy of _In the first month of working with Marissa, she gave me the confidence to show up and make waves in my business. I went from overwhelmed, fearful, and frustrated to being confident in myself, celebra.png


Therefore, I put together everything you need to awaken your own inner warrior and remove energy blocks holding you back from your biggest dreams. Most of the time we tend to look outwards for the answers we are searching for, when they are already inside of each and every one of us. Our soul is programed with the message we are all meant to hear and key to our true happiness.



Lets connect you with your soul

My soul sighed and said there you are...

I've been waiting for you!


Program overview

First, you will get real clear on your goals with the Chakra Love Welcome Packet.

You will have nine (9) one-on-one 50 minute coaching sessions with Marissa, along with weekly chakra videos, workbooks and meditations. Through each chakra you will align yourself with your purpose and the life you were meant to lead, and build the business you were meant to create.

You will dig deep into each chakra and learn how to identify issues in that chakra and if that chakra is weak, blocked or just spinning in the wrong direction. You will learn how each chakra builds from the previous chakra and how you keep yourself safe by creating emotional and mental strategies. You will understand how to address issues for each chakra and discover internal and external messages the universe is sending you to create awareness that there's an issue.

Lastly, you will learn how to clear, charge and balance all seven (7) chakras for a healthy flow of energy along with nourishing your mind, body and soul to create a positive mindset and align you on your path to abundance.

also included

Essential oils to balance and heal each chakra

Developmental stages and physiological functions in each chakra

Seed sounds and vowel sounds for each chakra

Foods and crystals that make a strong difference in each chakra


week 1: chakra love Welcome

In the Chakra Love Welcome packet you will get real clear and focused on your dreams and goals both personally and professionally. You will learn about chakra energy and how it effects your every day life and status in your business. You will begin to create a positive flow of energy in and around you by cleansing and de-cluttering your environment, and prepare your energy to manifest it's destiny.

** Week 1: 50 minute call& Chakra Card Reading**


Week 2 & 3: Root Chakra

The first chakra is the Root Chakra and is your connection to the earth and the foundation in which your life is built upon. The root chakra resonates with earth elements and aligns with your physical identity. It connects to your self-preservation and the underlying obstacle to overcome here is fear. The root chakra is the basis for your money story and relationship with how you view money. Do you feel you belong here? Do you have a poor relationship with money? How much love do you have for your body?

Creating a foundation & financial freedom

- Building a solid foundation and rooting your business' purpose

- Positive Mindset, Your Money Flow & Manifesting your destiny

- Your ideal client, message and mission

** Week 2: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 3: Implementation Week **


week 4 & 5: sacral chakra

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is your pleasure and creative center, and allows you to feel emotions. The element in this chakra is water and flows with your emotional identity. The biggest obstacle within this chakra is guilt. Are you secure with feeling pleasure? Do you allow yourself to embrace your sexual identity? Do you find creating to be difficult? Are you trying to get your business off the ground?

wealth with out guilt & brand identity

- Release your past and free yourself from guilt to attract success and money

- Create & Develop your ultimate business and brand

- Write your story and connect to your ideal client

** Week 4: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 6: Implementation Week **


Week 6 & 7: Solar Plexus chakra

The third chakra is your Solar Plexus and is your power center. This chakra gives you the ability to transform and thrive with confidence. The solar plexus chakra defines who you are, with the obstacle being shame. The element in this chakra is fire and allows you to tap into your inner strength, remove self-doubt and live the life you were meant to live. Do you allow your inner child to have fun? Do you lack confidence?

shine with your unique power

- Self-Care to claim your power center and ignite your confidence and motivation

- Your Website and Copy

** Week 6: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 7: Implementation Week **


Week 8 & 9: Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra, is your Heart Chakra and your center for love. In the middle of your masculine and feminine energies this chakra provides balance. The element here is air and aligns you with your self-love, self-care and self-acceptance. Do you find yourself worrying about love? Do you find yourself aching from grief? Are you balanced? Does the smell of lavender make you feel at ease and relaxed? Unconditional love, forgiveness and passion is experienced through the healing of the heart chakra.

stand out amidst the crowd

- Love and compassion for yourself = Success in your business

- Create your Freebies & High Valued Programs to give your clients the love they need

** Week 8: 50 minute call Chakra Card Reading / Week 9: Implementation Week **


Week 10 & 11: Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra, is your Throat Chakra and your authentic voice. This chakra aligns you with communication and self-expression. The element in this chakra is sound, where you speak your truth and how you are heard.  The obstacle to be over come here is to push past the lies you tell yourself and the lies you tell others. The power of manifestation will transform your life. Do you speak from your authentic voice? Are you shy or speak too much?

communicate your passion & purpose

- Push past limiting beliefs and communicate your vision, dreams and purpose with your ideal clients

- Share you message and be the warrior soul you were meant to be

- Create your presence through blog posts, your social media and your Facebook group

** Week 10: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 11: Implementation Week **


Week 12 & 13: Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra, is your Third Eye Chakra and your center to visualize and manifest your ideas and vision. The element in this chakra is light. Can illusion be holding you back? Illusion is the challenge to be overcome in the Third Eye Chakra. Find out why OM resonates with this chakra and how the crystals lapis and quartz boost your luminescence.


- Open yourself to inspired possibility by releasing fears and the ego to find clarity

- Sales calls, sales funnels and marketing your brand by tapping into your intuition

** Week 12: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 13: Implementation Week **


Week 14 & 15: Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra, is the Crown Chakra and your divinity. Here you align yourself with your knowledge through the element thought and connect with the universe. What you put out into the universe is what you get back from the universe... the connection is that strong and can be balanced by expanding the Crown Chakra through meditation. The challenge to be overcome in this chakra is attachment. Are you attracted to the metal gold or love diamonds? Here you will explore the wisdom of the ages and connection to source.

divine influence

- Connect to the spiritual with the physical

- Start living the dream & purposeful life you are meant to live

- Identify strengths & opportunities to allow your business to thrive

- Facebooks Ads & Working with your clients

Six Month Chakra Love Business Journey Plan

- Together we will create your six month chakra love business journey plan.  This is road map to continue balancing your chakras and how to work with your clients on a continuing basis.

- Create your ongoing success plan: this will include your daily, weekly and monthly goals to continue elevating your life and business

** Week 14: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading / Week 15: Implementation Week **


week 16: Celebrate

It's time to celebrate YOU!!

We'll revisit your journey throughout the program and celebrate all of your accomplishments, and how far you have come!

- Chakra Love Business Journey Plan Strategy Overview

- Any remaining Q & A's

** Week 16: 50 minute call & Chakra Card Reading **


at the end of this Program you will be in the driver seat of your life & business with a balanced mind, body and soul.


let's balance your chakra

_In the first month of working with Marissa, she gave me the confidence to show up and make waves in my business. I went from overwhelmed, fearful, and frustrated to being confident in myself, celebrating my power, a.png

Program Details

what's included:

- 30 Minute Clarity Call

- Chakra Love Business Welcome Packet get clear with your goals

- Nine (9) coaching sessions at 50 minutes each via Zoom

- Unlimited Mon-Fri email support

- Weekly videos, workbooks and guided meditations giving you clarity and direction to create a life and business of your dreams

- Nine (9) Chakra Card Readings

- One week email support after program completion

- One Month (1), Three (3) Month & Six (6) Month Chakra Love Business Journey touch base via email

Invest in Yourself

One Time Payment: $1,597

*** best value! ***

(Save $391 with this option)


installment plans

2 payments of $897

(Save $199 with this option)


4 payments of $497


*** 2 Spots Remaining ***


Your life and happiness are worth investing in!