Love From My Clients…


In the first month of working with Marissa, she gave me the confidence to show up and make waves in my business. I went from overwhelmed, fearful, and frustrated to being confident in myself, celebrating my power, and confidently communicating my value to my clients.

Marissa is an incredible designer and life + business coach who brings her knowledge and experience to our sessions in such a warm, supportive way. Thanks to Marissa’s ability to recognize the real issues I was facing, I was able to overcome my mental obstacles. She awakened my inner warrior and enabled me to rebuild a stronger, more confident version to myself. That healing work gave me the momentum to get results in my business. Each session was jam-packed with information that she elegantly adapted to my unique situation, and with easy-to-follow tools that inspired me to grow as a women and entrepreneur.

Thanks to Marissa, I am finally in complete alignment with who I was meant to be, and so is my business’ brand.. If you are looking for clarity, confidence, and the tools to transform into the very best version of yourself, don’t hesitate to work with her. In her gentle yet powerful way, Marissa will absolutely get you where you want to go and make sure your brand vision reflects your target audience.. She is amazing!
— Jessica | Business Coach & Communication Strategist

Marissa intuitively knew exactly what I needed during our consult. Her passion for her work inspired me and she knew exactly what to suggest and how to help me, and I could feel her powerful love for me. I am incredibly grateful for this woman!
— Jani | Mindless Mentor & Self Love Coach

Marissa is unlike any other life + business coach out there. She doesn’t just throw you a bunch of inspirational lines but, actually helps you work out your problems from a deeper level. After working with Marissa you won’t just feel good for a day, but actually make adjustments to help you feel better long term in your life and business.
— Ashley | ESL Teacher

Before working with Marissa, I was a broke stay-at-home mom who sat there everyday envisioning a better life my son and I. I was running a business, but treating it like a hobby. I knew I wasn’t running it to it’s full potential. My goal was to create a life full of freedom, fulfillment and abundance financially and emotionally. I had NO idea where to start, and the self doubt was kicking in. “Was I really made for this? Can I really create a successful business so that I can give my son and I the life I’ve been dreaming of?” It seemed too good to be true. Since taking the leap with Marissa 3 months ago, I have totally transformed into the Warrior Women that was just dying to come out! I was able to turn that self doubt into self love and finally show off my authentic self. I am now selling my services and programs confidently and have never been happier to share my talents with the world! Marissa’s energy, vibe and passion truly shine through her voice and you can’t help but feel safe and connected with her. I am now running the business of my dreams, which I never even thought was possible! If you’re thinking about investing in Marissa’s services, whether branding design or life + business coaching and break out into YOUR Warrior Muse, I highly recommend you do it! Really, just go for it! It will be the best decision you could possibly do for you and your future!
— Courtney | Business Coach

Marissa is so insightful and is able to take her positive outlook and help blend it into your life and business in such a seamless and effortless way. She takes a realistic approach with her clients. This is surely her passion and it shows!
— Julia | President - J. Moore Insurance Agency
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