Are your chakras out of balance?


you feel a burning desire to finally be aligned with your true self but, you have no idea where to start and why you can't get there yourself?! 

it's all in your chakra's soul sister!!

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you have energy blocks holding you back in your life but, don't know where they are stemming from or you need to know how to begin to remove them
  • You hear about chakras and spiritual alignment but, don't know what chakras are and how they can help you... but you want to learn more
  • You are ready to be in control of your life and happiness and ready to kick fear to the curb! 
  • You have a desire to create, pursue and conquer but, need a road map to help you get there
  • You are ready to remove trauma and heal your mind, body and soul

You're in luck...

I got you covered soul sister... I have your road map to help you remove energy blocks, raise your vibration and balance your chakras in the chakra love academy! 

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I am looking for Beta Students for my Chakra Love Wisdom Course!


what's included in the course you ask? 

Chakra Love Wisdom is a step by step course guiding you through each one of your chakra points

  • You will dig deep into each chakra and learn what chakras are, and how they affect your life
  • You will learn how to clear, charge, and balance all seven chakras for a healthy flow of energy along with nourishing your mind, body and soul to create a positive mindset and align you on your path to abundance
  • You will learn how to identify issues in each chakra and if that chakra is weak or blocked
  • You will learn how each chakra builds from the previous chakra and how you keep yourself safe by creating emotional and mental strategies
  • You will understand how to address issues for each chakra and discover internal and external messages the universe is sending you to create awareness that there's an issue
  • You will learn which crystals, essential oils and foods to eat to help raise your vibration and balance each chakra

each section of the course comes with a video, workbook and guided meditation! 

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Welcome Letter

What is a chakra?

Root Chakra - Grounding, Fear & Safety

Sacral Chakra - Pleasure & Creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra - Power Center

Heart Chakra -  Love

Throat Chakra - Authentic Voice

Third Eye - Intuition

Crown Chakra -  Connection to the Universe


Chakra Essential Oil Recipe Book

Chakra Cheat Sheet 


What does it mean to be a Beta Student? 

AS a beta student you will have access to chakra love wisdom before it actually launches... you will go through the course and provide feedback on the content as the course is rolled out

You will have access to the entire course for only 



(Original cost: $349) 


What can I expect once I sign up as a beta student?

  • Once you pay for the beta student price an email will be sent to you with a link to Chakra Love Academy, along with a discount code to access the course as a beta student and by pass the $349 price once you register for the course
  • You will immediately have access to the course once you register and can begin to dive in
  •  An email will be sent to share when each section is live in the course and ready for you to review
  • A Q & A email will be sent for you to provide feedback on each section in order to make the course better before the actual launch and to share wins, celebrations, and high-fives that you are absolutely loving... Constructive critism is welcome, after all this is meant for the course to be 100% the best it can be!
  • After the entire course is completed a final Q & A will be sent with overall feedback 


I'm looking forward to having you in the Chakra Love Academy and being apart of an amazing launch to help our fellow soul sisters and yourself align, balance & heal

Cheers To Balancing Your Chakras!