Marissa Rubino



If you told me 2 years ago that my 9-5 grind would lead to a purposeful life of healing energy work, I would have hardly resisted laughing in your gorgeous face!

The Universe must have been chuckling, as I soon found myself jolted by the person staring back at me in the mirror—gray, tired, burnt-out. A woman who had forgotten to smile, laugh, and love. A woman I didn’t even recognize anymore.

On my quest to reclaim my forgotten purpose and reignite my faded passion for life, I discovered The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, balanced my chakras through Reiki, learned to trust desires and intuition, found meditation, and turned to the healing powers of crystals and aromatherapy. 

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 I’m one happy, healthy, strong, and confident Reiki Practitioner, Desire Map Facilitator and Aromatherapist, celebrating the modern soul and helping individuals like you:

- connect with their core desires

- tap into their energy centers

- transform their mind, body, and spirit

- find clarity, passion, and purpose in life

I’ve freed my creative soul and now spend every day molding a career I love and a life that satisfies my deepest longings. The lessons learned along the way from countless 9-5 jobs, two design BAs, and an MA in Art Education from Pace University have been incredibly useful—just not quite how I had the picture painted.


So many times before I wanted to take the canvas of my life, toss it in a roaring fire, and start all over again.  Let’s just burn from memory all those times my life was so dark, uninspiring, and blurry, shall we?  

“Hush,” the Universe said. “You’ll ruin your masterpiece.” 

(Cheeky Universe!). 

With resistance at times, I listened, learned, and changed my thoughts, behaviors, and actions. I developed the grit to overcome my confusion and complacency. I uncovered the confidence to merge business savvy with developed creativity. I crawled and wobbled down my spiritual path, until one day I noticed I was skipping along with joyful direction and strength. 

The canvas of my life blends the glamorous with the messy. It shares the layers of my life that had to come together in order for me to be where I am now: empowering amazing souls like you — to step into their power, purpose, and grace.  

Being a  super mom to super twins (Nathaniel and Stella), and lover of all things hippy chic is the glitter paint that keeps my life dazzling, fun-loving, (a little crazy), and uniquely me. 

I no longer want to condemn all those moments when things weren’t going my way to a fiery end. They’ve brought me back to the core of who I am and the result humbles my heart with gratitude and joy every day. 

Empowered and alive at the core, I choose to use my lessons learned and create healing, love, light, and strength for my mind, body, spirit, business, and life. 

I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity help you do the same.

Let’s get designing!